For Fairtrade Fortnight!

For Fairtrade Fortnight!

Fairtrade Fortnight, which celebrates the impact of Fairtrade by turning the spotlight on the producers who grow the products we love, kicks off next week and the team at Liberation HQ will be busy attending lots of exciting regional Fairtrade events and flying the flag for all things nutty! In fact, last weekend we attended two Traidcraft roadshows in London and Wolverhampton which presented a great opportunity to talk directly to Fairtrade supporters and sample our delicious products. On 25 February we are heading to Bedfordshire University in Luton to support their Fairtade celebrations which include numerous cookery demonstrations including one by our very own resident TV chef, Joe Hurd who will be making recipes using Brazil nuts. What’s more, we will also be using our time at the University to create the UK part of our Brazil Nut Story film (watch this space…) Finally, Fairandfunky is organising a Fairtrade conference for schools in Kirklees, West Yorkshire bringing together 100 delegates from 10 Primary Schools to celebrate and learn about Fairtrade through creative arts and education workshops for students and teachers. This is the first conference in Kirklees to combine Fairtrade and the arts, offering professional development for teachers and innovative learning for students and Liberation is proud to be helping sponsor the event.   Checkout! Liberation nuts are on special promotion in Waitrose and on line at Traidcraft during Fairtrade Fortnight.    ... read more


Liberation Nuts is delighted to join the BIG dinner campaign, organised by 500 miles, a small Scottish charity that does big things. 500 miles, founded by quadruple amputee Olivia Giles, provides support for people in Africa who need a device to help them walk or support their mobility. In Malawi where 500 miles has two Prosthetic & Orthotic centres, there are around 75,000 children and adults who need help. But few people get it, meaning they have to get around the best they can, and for many people that means crawling along the ground. It is the same terrible story in Zambia where 500 miles hopes to expand its work – with a little help from you. On Saturday 7th March, 500 miles is hosting the BIG dinner to raise money for its work in Malawi and Zambia. It couldn’t be easier to take part. All you have to do is register HERE and then invite friends and family to join you for a meal. If you don’t want to cook you can always order a takeaway. And you don’t have to have your dinner on 7th March, you can have it when it suits you. When you sign up you will receive the link to two exclusive online films to be broadcast on the evening of the BIG dinner, by The Scotsman newspaper. As you may know, Liberation’s mission is to improve the livelihoods of its shareholder small-scale nut farmers and gatherers from a range of countries. We work particularly closely with a group of peanut farmers from Malawi and know how tough life can be there in general, never mind... read more


We’ve recently gone on a ‘mini adventure’ with the launch of our fun sized 40g packs of Fairtrade Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts AND Fairtrade Oven Baked Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts and Roasted Corn. Available early February from trading company and development charity, the new bag is perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a lunch box essential thanks to its excellent nutritional credentials!  Each nut is baked with just the right amount of seasoning (that stays on the nut) to produce the perfect ‘crunch’ and a deeply satisfying savoury hit. We know that peanuts need just a little bit longer under the heat than cashews and when all are perfectly bronzed, the nuts are cooled before being mixed and bagged. So come on – join our mini adventure and snack away (or of course carry on enjoying our 100g bags!)... read more


Peanuts – when combined with almonds or brown rice they provide what is known as a ‘complete protein’ – essential for building and repairing the body on a daily basis. Cashews are stress busters. They are packed with magnesium, the smooth operator which, when rich in the diet lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, busts PMT, reduces asthma attacks, counteracts constipation and prevents muscle injury.... read more

A Taste of Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and that means lots of food-laden festive get-togethers. If you’re organising a gathering or two this Christmas, why not pair some great tasting drinks with our great tasting nuts to keep peckish guests happy… Waitrose Fairtrade Chenin Blanc with Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts Crisp, fruity with rich, layered honeyed flavours on the palate, this wine really hits the spot when munching on our Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts sprinkled with just the right amount of salt (that stays on the nut) for that perfect crunch! Get it here Waitrose Fairtrade Merlot with Oven Baked Chilli& Lime Cashews with Peanuts & Roasted Corn This Fairtrade Merlot comes from an up-and-coming vineyard on South Africa’s West Coast, boasting soft, juicy flavours on the palate. This pairs extremely well with the sweet tasting cashew nuts which are coated in a special chilli and lime seasoning and, together with the mixed chilli corn kernels, create the ideal blend of citrus and spice that will leave taste buds tingling! Get it Here Ubuntu Cola with Oven Baked Mixed Peppercorn Peanuts with Cashews & Habas Fritas For those looking for a softer option, Ubuntu Cola, the first cola in the UK to get the Fairtrade Mark, pairs extremely well with our Oven Baked Mixed Peppercorn Peanuts with Cashews & Habas Fritas. The hot, spicy mixed peppercorn coated peanuts speckled with ground peppercorns, pack a real peppery taste alongside the sweet fizz of the cola which is made using Fairtrade sugar from the Kasinthula Cooperative in Malawi and from the Kaleya Cooperative in Zambia. The deep fried Habas Fritas (seasoned with salt to create... read more


Liberation talks to Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive of Fairtrade International about her newly updated book from Ebury Press: Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles What inspired you to update your book now? The book was written in 2008 and it was getting embarrassing given just how out of date so many facts and figures had become. Fairtrade sales have more than doubled since the book first went to press and there are now almost double the numbers of producer organisations in Fairtrade.   You have worked with a wide range of Fairtrade producer organisations in your career, can you tell us about tell us about a group that was facing particularly difficult challenges and how they overcame them? I’ve always been most inspired by groups working in conflict zones such as the olive oil farmers in Palestine. The coffee farmers in the Sopacdi Co-operative in The Congo have been supported by Twin in a region once ravaged by conflict and violence where trade had been abandoned. Now numbers of farmers have increased from less than 300 to more than 5,000, with women much more central in the workforce, producing high quality speciality Fairtrade coffee. We are also just starting to work with small-scale artisanal miners in Africa, thanks to a grant from Comic Relief. Last summer I visited the gold miners in Tanzania and I have never in all my time fighting against unfair trade, felt so shocked. The conditions in which the miners work takes your breath away. The miners go down shafts which are just mud so when it rains they collapse. They stay underground for long,... read more


A special nut filled thanks to all those that took part in National Nut Day 2014 last month. It proved to be one of our most successful National Nut Day campaigns to date with many of you going nuts in the kitchen and concocting some nutterly delicious recipes. The winner of the National Nut Day competition was Janice Clyne who posted her Beetroot and Walnut dip on Twitter, and the judges all thought it looked very tempting! If you didn’t get the chance to take part, you can always taste test one of the celeb recipes. Vicky Bhogal’s Salted Caramel Cashew Praline is a must! See below: Crush, chop or bash 50g Fairtrade salted cashews, so that you have very small pieces. Lightly toast in a dry non-stick frying pan and set aside. Line a baking sheet with baking paper, then place 165g Fairtrade caster sugar in a heavy-based pan with 1/4 cup of water and dissolve over a low heat. Once dissolved, turn up the heat and boil, but do not stir, until the syrup begins to caramelise. When it is a deep amber colour, remove from the heat, wait for it to stop bubbling, and stir in the cashews. Pour evenly onto the baking paper and leave to set for about 15 minutes. Carefully peel the praline pane off the paper, break into chunks and then crush in a food processor to give smaller shards. Tastes good by itself or served with a good quality ice cream Here’s to National Nut Day 2015. Stay... read more